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(re: re: re: re: New Layout – Today Only) Wascal:
Sorry for the short timing on the last layout change. I left the Christmas layout active for several weeks, but the most recent layout had a bug in it, so I pulled it offline almost immediately. Too bad — it was definitely worth seeing.
The ad agency that is doing the layouts is doing great work. Currently they have about 15 layouts that are nearly done, and I’ve commissioned them to do 50 overall. Once they are done, I’ll start cycling them through here.
I’ve been waiting for my newest version of the software to be uploaded, that was was two days from completion two weeks ago, and now only has three days to go. Argh…
After I upload the new version, and give it a few days to stabilize, I’ll be announcing a contest which will give visitors to this site a way to win prizes while helping me put together some demos of my software (at least those who want to participate). I don’t want to say any more than this for now — but, hopefully within a week or do I’ll have something fun for the more creative people here to do.
-Ken W