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(re: re: re: New Layout – Today Only) Ken, I thought about this before when you had champagne bubbles or something on your opening page (around New Year’s, I think), but I didn’t say anything. Now, however, that you’ve had another web site design change that I missed seeing I would like to ask you if you can leave up new site designs for two or three days before you change them back to the regular pages instead of leaving them up for only one day. The reason I ask is because I have missed seeing both of those temporary designs due to having to work overtime at my job and not being able to read my email on the days I work late, which just happened to be the days that you posted messages about the changes for us to look at. By the time I read the messages the day after they were posted the site had already been changed back from the temporary pages. I love to look at web site designs and what other people do with their sites, and I would like to see changes that you do also, temporary though they may be. So, is there any way you can leave the new pages up for more than one day after you fix the problem with this newest design and with any other temporary pages you put up in the future so that I and others with the same problem will have time to see what everyone else gets to see?