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(re: re: possible to view images at 100%?) I don’t have a ton of the old documentation, but I hang onto it with rabid fierceness, so what I do have is pretty nice. I know I could download these games if I wanted to… but the manuals are hard to come by!
I have documentation for KQ5-7 (the king’s quest 6 manual is very nice, on this stiff paper that was meant not to xerox…), SQ1 & 4, QfG1, PQ1 VGA (there’s writing on the map though… I didn’t do it! got this used…) & PQ4, GK2-3, Rise of the Dragon (Dynamix), and Red Baron. I have hint books for KQ5, PQ4, Freddy Pharkus… there may be a few more things in the stack, I’d have to go look. Oh, I just bought a boxed Castle of Dr. Brain, there’s a manual and hint book in there too. Unfortunately my dad gave away our Apple IIGS games when he gave away the computer, so the earlier stuff was lost. (I never quite forgave him for this…)
I had started scanning the Space Piston magazine from SQ4 to upload here, but the files got so big I never finished.
I’d be happy to scan stuff at high resolution and upload them for you somewhere so you could tweak them. Just tell me what you want and where they should go.
ps These are books, but I also have the KQ7 hint book / strategy guide thingie (like there was strategy involved…), Larry collection strategy guide (which includes an interview with Al Lowe), and King’s Quest Companion version something-or-other… it goes through KQ6. For catalogs, I have 1995-1996 games, “Family Spectrum of Games” that came with Dr. Brain (and Larry’s in there! guess they didn’t actually mean “family games”…), maybe some others but I have to go through the boxes and look.