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(re: possible to view images at 100%?) Yeah, the site actually resizes the pics – because if you save them to your HD and look at them, they are still small.
It seems you have a lot of great documentation Emily, and some others have as well. I think these are things that we would want to add to the scanning project – high quality scanning along with time spent to make them look as good as possible. I don’t know what Brad has, but I sure don’t have a lot of this stuff (I’ll be updating my list to list ALL my Sierra stuff tomorrow). In fact I’ve been playing PQ1 VGA since I setup my Sierra gaming computer, it’s one I never really was able to play, but I don’t have the documentation – and I wanted to see it for that nice map! I’m don’t remember how you’re setup to scan Emily, but if you could scan the pics large enough for us (Brad and I are re-discussing formatting right now), and upload them to this site just temporarily since they’re big, so that we can download them and then you can delete them, Brad or I could do any editing / fix-ups required afterwards.