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(re: possible to view images at 100%?) Ken, I just uploaded four pictures in the Police Quest section (pages from the PQ1 manual). Before uploading them here, I viewed them in my browser window at 100% and they were legible. But once they were uploaded, they seem to have been automatically resized, which makes the text harder to read. They’re definitely displaying at less than 100%.
I’m using IE6… when I hover my cursor over the upper left corner of the pictures, I get the little toolbar that gives me options to print, send to My Pictures folder, etc. But when I hover the cursor over the lower right corner nothing happens. Normally, doing this lets you enlarge the picture to 100% (since IE6 automatically shrinks pictures to the size of the window they’re in.)
I saw that you said wide pictures would be resized automatically… these all started out around 600 pixels wide. Is that too much? They’ve been resized to about 450 pixels wide, even though there seems to be plenty of space in the frame for them to display at a larger size…
It’s funny you should mention this – I was just thinking about it today. There are times when you WANT to upload a picture and not have it automatically resized. I’m swamped tomorrow – but, sometime in the next few days I’ll add a button on the upload dialog which says “please do not shrink this picture”.
-Ken W