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Ugh…. I’m sorry to say I don’t like the new design much at all… OK, I do like some of it, but not all of it. The line between messages is too big and clunky first of all, and in fact the whole messages layout is now very hard to read. It just needs some design tweaks to not give me a headache… which I’m sure you’ll accomplish, since I imagine you first just wanted to make it work.

And another thing – the fade-in menus… they’re too slow. I hate slow scrollbars for news, for example, on websites. Same thing here. When I want to navigate, I want to do so quickly. I guess it takes 1/2 second to be gray, and 1/2 second to become black – 1 second in total. What it should be instead is a true fade-in (not just two frames), and it should happen a lot quicker.

As always that’s just my humble 2 cents.