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(Re: A few suggestions) I tried posting this under Sytem -> Suggestions, but there is no post option there. So, my first suggestion is to add a post option there.
Second, I would like to see a proper message (thread?) tree on the side when I am reading the messages. That way, it is easier to see who replied to what message.
I agree – there’s something I need to do in this area. I may go to a thread-tree, but want to explore some other options first. I’ve got some higher priority things I want to get in (and, some performance improvements to make – so, expect this to take some time (weeks)
Third, I would like to have the option to arrange the message stream on the screen by various parameters (date ascneding or descending, by thread, etc.)
Yup – it’s on the list. I’ll get this in fairly quickly.
The message times are not in my local time. I suggest that you either write the times in GMT, or write them relative to the user’s local time (if that can be done!)
I’m not sure what to do on this. I did a system once where I stored everything on the server in one time zone, but displayed it for each user in their own time zone. I might do this again …. I’ll give it thought.
-Ken W