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(Avatars) Have you thought about allowing avatars(pictures) when you post?
I’ve thought about it … and, have a lot of code in to handle it … but, want to hold it for the next release. I already have more features in this next release than I should have.
Here’s some advice for all the developers out there:
Think in terms of small incremental releases. The ability to hit a ship date declines exponentially with the number of changed or added lines of code. In other words, if you only fix/add one feature at a time and do a series of small releases, you are millions time more likely to hit your final release date than if you try to gang up tons of little features into a major release. Multiple small releases are always better than one big release.
I should have read this message before I started to work on the next upgrade … I’ve been all weekend chasing bugs, and feel farther from release than I was last weekend.
-Ken W