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(re: re: Problem viewing msgs) Lim:
Give my system a try for building your website. Although on
, it says that you have to pay, you don’t – at least for now. I don’t want to start charging people until the product is “right”. I don’t know if this will be another six months or two years. My sense is that within a year I’ll have something that I wouldn’t feel guilty charging for. And, when I do start charging, the price will be VERY reasonable. My goal is to provide the best product at the lowest price. For now, I’m providing a product, that still needs LOTS of work, for free — a formula that seems to be successful. I’m currently adding a site every few days, and just topped 300 sites a few weeks ago.
The system is remarkably stable. It has been running for about two years now, and whereas it doesn’t improve quickly (this is a hobby for me – not a job), it doesn’t blow up very often. I can’t remember being offline for more than a few minutes EVER.
I hope you give it a try! A major new release is coming in the next week (I hope) that makes things a LOT better.
-Ken Williams