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Hi Ken,

OMG! sorry for overeacting but u’ve done an amazing job with this websites layout! I mean it ask if i needed to add photos, I can see the msg above while replying, unlike the forums I normally go to. you really did pay alot of attention to this didnt you, or does it come naturally

(just like the games u used to design,:) )

a little off topic but, now I know why the games u design those days caught on. The interface is perhaps a very very important part of a game am I right? was the idea of point and click(even the typing ones were excellent) originally yours?

Ok back to the topic, yes u are right and this is what it looks like 

I am running on xp ie version 6.0.2800 . Could it be because of my firewall? I am using zone alarm.

ps. The cookie bit made me giggled! hehehe sounds like it would’ve been a line if u were to make a game right now that reflects on current enviroment of tehcnologies.