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(re: Is email notification not working?) This was a comedy of errors (actually a horror story).

I use an independent company to send the notification emails every 5 minutes. Apparently sometime in the last 24 hours they stopped sending them, without telling me. I assume their system is down, hopefully it will be back tomorrow.

My first thought was that the problem was mine. I was looking everywhere to see why the emails weren’t going, and decided to implement some performance fixes while I was in the code. In so doing, I broke something. It was a MAJOR mistake, and resulted in 1,000+ emails going out. Horribly embarrasing, and a nuisance for those who received them.

I believe I understand what happened now, and why it won’t happen again — but, am worried about what the story is with the independent company that caused the problem in the first place (
). Hopefully their problem was just a 24 hour hic-up, and not something more long-term.

-Ken W