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(re: Is email notification not working?) Just to give you an update, Ken.

This morning (Sat Aug 7) around 8 am I received a whole ton of messages in one email: 51560 – 51654 (if anyone else got the same thing and less emails in it, don’t worry, some of those emails were in restricted areas of the site).

However, I haven’t received messages that have been posted since then – but I did get some very strange emails from the site that I made some time ago to first try out talkspot features (earth2), including 2 emails with copy of message 51663 from this website (“immediate update of new messages… Sierra On-Line Fan Site”) even though the From address was from my test website (earth2), and then a third email telling me, as admin, that message 51663 had bounced from someone’s email address. Let me know if you want to see those emails and if so I’ll forward them.