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Hi, Brandon. It is good to see you around again. There are the sites connected via the Sierra Community Gateway that was created after the closure of the official Sierra boards. Its intention was to link the most prominent Sierra boards and a couple of new ones to fill the gap. Terra-Arcanum (Arcanum) and Unity Headquarters (NOLF) aren’t really traditional Sierra boards, but the rest are. Traffic for most of these boards has been low to nonexistent. The GK, QfMG and SQ boards remain active, even if slow.

My own site, The Sierra Help Pages, is probably the most active, with 18,893 unique visitors last month. The SHP forums are where most of the members of the old official boards ended up after the official ones closed. The site minus the forums is well over 5 GB in size and growing. It is in active development. At some point it might good to have it archived else where, but not until I have reached a certain point with it.

You may wish to bring this up on the SHP forums as several of the owners of the other Sierra community sites post there on a regular basis.