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I think in some ways I am very reminded of the 1983 time frame in gaming.  The video game collapse of 1984 cleaned the industry of a lot of arrogant hacks who were just cashing in for money and much of the Indy scene of the time became the standard bearers of today.  EA and Activision were both splinters of larger game companies that were somewhat arrogant going into the crash and I think we are pretty close to seeing it again.

I like what you did – specifically calling out the Indy games you have enjoyed over the last few years.  One of the upcoming things we are working on for Sierra Gamers is a recommendations area to highlight games like these from small developers who are doing it right.  At some point we were going to ask for submissions of games our readers have enjoyed but you beat me to the punch.

Looks like I’ve got some homework to do 😉