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I’m sure the pleas will fall on deaf ears.  This is the company that sent a goon squad to Infinity Ward after a couple of top level employees started complaining.  Think Darth Vader saying “Perhaps you think you are being treated…unfairly?”  Judging by this, the TSL guys are lucky their kneecaps are still intact.–165521.phtml

So this is the state of gaming.  Makes me glad there’s a huge indie movement and a lot of self-publishing going on in the PC world right now.  All the big guys are giving us these days are tried and true formulaic shovelware that looks pretty, even as they punish legitimate PC buyers with draconian DRM.  The indie movement reminds me of the early days of PC gaming when you had small teams or one man shows cranking out some really good stuff.  Braid, Aquaria, Crayon Physics, and World of Goo are examples of games that I’ve enjoyed very much and were put together by one or two man teams.

Anyway, as far as TSL goes, the work is not necessarily lost.  They can just change all the names and characters with a wink wink, nudge nudge.  It sucks, but look at who you’re dealing with.