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Hey all,

It pains me to say it but this may be a few months warning that SierraVault is going away.  I am hoping and trying to avoid it but I lost my job (and am scrambling very hard to find a new one) but the economy is brutal right now and I am having to radically cut back on anything that isn’t essential. 

When I launched SierraVault I intended to archive and make available everything I had in relation to Sierra totally free to the fanbase across the Internet.  I’ve seen good traffic coming through for the last two years and have taken a great deal of personal pleasure in watching the bandwidth usage on the site consistently click in.  I’ve put a lot of Sierra material in a lot of fan’s hands and it’s been a great ride.  I made a decision early on to not attempt in any way to profit from these efforts.  The Sierra material isn’t mine and I never wanted there to be any excuse for someone official to come after me with a takedown notice or, god forbid, a lawsuit.

A few days ago I decided to try and recoup my costs by putting Google Adsense ads on a few pages on SierraVault and I will continue to leave them there.  As a funny side note, I didn’t think they were working because I use Firefox with Javascript disabled and the ads weren’t showing up on my screen – much as it is I suspect with all of you.  Ads are annoying after all!  Long story short, I doubt that is going to do it and I am coming up on the webservice renewal period in April.  If I can’t find a way between now and then to make SierraVault at least free for me to operate I’ll have to cancel the service and take the site down.

I am so sorry to have to do this guys but times are tough and I’m afraid we all have to make decisions.  I wanted to give everyone time enough to make a final few runs at the content before it comes down.  After that I’ll still happily give it away to anyone that contacts me directly and covers my costs (shipping of a hard drive, CDs, whatever).

If anyone knows the magical internet secret for how to turn bandwidth usage into money, let me know.  At this point I’m open to trying anything.


Andy Roark
Webmaster, SierraVault