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To: Ken Williams
From: Andy Linnenkohl, Sierra Employee #987123721
Date: 7/2/2008
Subject: InterAction Scanning Project

Mr Williams,

Some time back you made an idle comment about how you would like to see all of the copies of InterAction scanned and posted online, available for people to download. At the time I agreed with your statement and emphatically said so from the back of the room where I was shuttling coffee to Al Lowe and taking verbal abuse for it taking far, far too long (what’s up with that guy anyway?). It’s possible you didn’t hear me over the sound of Jim Walls going crazy because no one liked his submarine game, quitting the company and deciding to go to work for some wave company down in Florida. That’s totally cool. You’re a busy guy and I understand.

I wanted to drop you a quick memo to let you know that I, with the extensive help of some of the other unpaid interns back here, have burned out five scanners, created more than a little bit of the good ol carpal tunnel syndrome and produced 38 scanned copies of the entire InterAction, Sierra Newsletter and Sierra News Magazine line. Those are now available online at:

SierraVault InterAction Archive

Some of the scans may have some room for improvement and I’ll be running back around to clean those up, touch up a page here and there right after I go find my wife who left me. She mumbled something about me being much more interested in twenty year old publicity materials for some defunct game company than I was in the new floral wallpaper for the kitchen. I think she’s living in a hotel down the street. With your permission I am going to go try and convince her to come back. My dog left. Turns out the neighbor kept trying to feed him anti-freeze soaked hotdogs but he finally decided bad attention was better than no attention at all and he now looks at me through the slats in the fence when I go out to mow the lawn every few months after the home owner’s association sends me those letters talking about something called a ‘reasonable level of care’ I am supposed to be paying to my lawn. Like a $25 dollar fine is going to make me not harass people for The Sierra Newsletter Volume 1, Number 3…. sheesh. Those people need to get a life.

Anyway, I’ll be back in my (imaginary) cube in the basement of the Sierra Professional Building if you have any other assignments for me. I’ve been thinking that archiving all of the game manuals, box inserts, box cover art and other goodies might be a good idea. I’ve got a few gig worth of it already up at:

SierraVault Game Archive

but there’s still a long way to go. Believe it or not I actually didn’t buy every game you guys put out. My parents who, at the time, were responsible for the money flowing into my pockets didn’t feel that a ‘buy first, ask questions later’ approach was the right way to teach their son about impulse control. Suckers. Luckilly those same guys that helped me out with the InterAction scans seem to have a few of the games I don’t and we’ve worked out a pretty good approach at how to share this stuff between us so I’m thinking we’re going to get that project done as well.

Did you know a bunch of these computer gaming magazines did articles on Sierra? It might be a good idea for me to scan those as well. I’ll do that in my spare time. Probably put them here:

SierraVault Article Archive

I’ve probably taken up enough of your time. I’ll be the bloodshot eyed guy in the basement if you want to talk. Don’t mind the other guys down here – they are just scanning everything they can find with a half-dome on it.


The SierraVault InterAction Scanning Project
Andy Linnenkohl
Brad Herbert
David Ko
Jeffrey Huffine

P.S. Can you get Al Lowe to stop calling me a butt muffin? It’s hurting my self esteem.