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I think a much more sophisticated Adventure game could still work,
But the hardware may not be up to par with what I envision.
I always was fascinated with 3d and I remember Sega had a pretty descent game that used LCD glasses ,looked really good for the time.
Ken, like you said and I think back to George Lucas’ original movie Adventure, he had the idea and then tried to build the tools needed to get it done.
I used to write c programs in notepad, c to me anyway, is like paper and pencil, meaning you always go back to what works.
Your games were really ahead of thier time in terms of concept, a lot of games today try to make an interactive movie experience.
That could be fun to write a complete interactive game/movie using upgraded technologies, not really video cutscenes but actually interaction between the characters and scenes, with some nudging to help the player see everything the developer or director wants them to.
What did you write your original AGI in? And did you remember how long it took you to finish?
Do you personally own any of the source code from the early early sierra days, ie Mystery House?