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I personally wouldn’t rule out adventure games entirely just yet – they’re definitely not as popular these days as RPGs and FPSs, but Telltale Games has definitely shown that adventure games can still have a valid place in the market.  Their new Sam and Max games are doing very well.  I think working with online sites like Gamefly/Gametap as a stepping-off point and releasing them in bite-sized pieces really worked out well for them, and the games sell just as well in stores now, too (they even re-released the old Sam and Max graphic novel AND cartoon series thanks to the success of the new games).  They proved that there IS still a place out there for a well-crafted adventure game, and also proved that plenty of people are still interested in the old franchises.  In my generation in particular (the 20-30 year olds), nostalgia is a huge thing.  Smiley

*edit* and I even just read that they’re releasing Sam and Max: Season One for the Wii this year, too!

But hey, don’t get me wrong here – I’m not trying to tell you to make an adventure/quest game!  If you get the opportunity, you should do whatever the hell you want.  I’m just saying it might not be quite right to write off the genre just yet.

Also, if you don’t hear back in a few weeks, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t hear back at all.  My partner’s in the business and often complains about the general slow reaction times involved with the higher-ups in most companies these days.  It’s often helpful to know someone else in the company that can give them a little kick in the rear occasionally to get things rolling.