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Well that’s great. I love boating but I don’t own one. I live in Florida so boating here is good.Have you ever been boating here?
My brother has a small 26′ center console. Its older from a long gone builder in Miami, he just put a new v6 mercury on it ,and does about 40.
Setup mostly for fishing so not very comfortable but very fun., not to many things better than a early morning on the water.
The boat is not bad, but twin engines are really the best when is comes to reliabilty and maneuverabilty. I’ve driven some small single engine and some 60′ foot twins with side thrusters and the 60′ are much more enjoyable and easier to handle, I think.
 he Florida keys are interesting and we have the intracoastal for showing off  your boat, it is always calm on the intracostal.
I wouldn’t say Florida boating is better but I think the West Coast has rougher water and more difficult navigating. But I do recommend I trip down if you have never done it.