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Hey your talking like your old(at this point in my life), you probably have another 40 years here.
Look at Steve Jobs he left(or forced out) and came back stronger than ever, so don’t think that you should stay gone unless you want to stay gone.
You know video games have become so mianstream nowadays and accessible to such a diverse age group, when I first started playing your games I was a minority.
Now parents and grandparents are playing games, My wife and my 2 sons, we all play them together.
I wouldn’t be surprized to see a flash version of King’s Quest on the internet nowadays.
I think guys running software corps now have no idea what a good game is and just push crap out with movie tie ins just to make a buck for the stock holders.
Times certainly have changed since you were “running the ship”.
Guys my age, I think really appreciate how far games and hardware has come. I am sure you could do something really interesting with whats out there , you have a great mind.
Do you still do programming or are you just oilling teak and scrapping your bottom?(het that could be a good LSL title:)
I’m sure Mr. Kotick will call, remember you are a rock star and he did produce Guitar Hero.