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Thank you very much for the advice.  So far I’ve only mentioned the site here and at Vintage Sierra’s forums.  I wanted to at least respond to the people actively looking for certain issues of InterAction but I’ve still got a lot of work on the site (and with the scanning) before I really feel it will be worth advertising.  In addition I want to watch the bandwidth usage as I go and see if I’m getting myself into trouble with this bright idea.  I’d probably say I’m only through scanning and getting up less than 10% of the stuff I have and I’d really like to at least complete the InterAction scanning before I start trying to justify people spending their time visiting the site.  

Thank you for pointing out the Volume # mistake on the Camelot issue.  I agree, you are right.  I was so obsessed with getting the order right on that issue and the 10th Anniversary issue right after it I must have fat fingered the key and missed that.  I’ll get that cleaned up at some point today.  If you see any other mistakes like that please let me know, either here or by email at .