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It works now. Just to point out also: while the link works and the actual file is named correctly, the ‘Sierra News Magazine Volume 2, Number 1 (Spring 1990) Conquest of Camelot ‘ magazine link should actually be named ‘Sierra News Magazine Volume 3, Number 1 (Spring 1990) Conquest of Camelot ‘.

As for the bandwidth, well, how much have you advertised the website? Is this the only place you have mentioned it, on If so then I suggest you post information about your effort on other various forums as I am certain that there are masses of people who would be very interested in, and pleased to read, these magazines and other miscellanies (, forums would be the first few I can think of from the top of my head… posting the information in the appropriate forum sections, of course). This applies even more if you endeavor to complete even more scans… I’m very happy to see such a readily (freely) available online collection of this, and know not of any similar place, other projects like this one seemed to have amounted to nothing (although the last time I truly did a serious search for it was maybe over a year ago, maybe more, and maybe I just don’t know how to search). When you have made the effort, then why not spread it?

And, of course, there is also the possibility (in the case of unmanageable volumes of visitors, but perhaps I am getting ahead of myself and not everybody is so nostalgic and interested in Sierra as I am 🙂 ) of alternative forms of distribution, for example p2p networks (from which your website could provide links to, as is often done for example with certain open source software in order to ease the burden). While dedicated high-capacity upload bandwidth (i.e. proper hosting) comes at a premium, many of us on ordinary, though relatively fast for this ordinary usage, connections are fortunate enough to have unlimited upload bandwidth, and p2p networks are a good way of taking advantage of this by distributing the burden amongst more meagre, but many, nodes. Again perhaps I am getting ahead of myself or preaching to the choir, but I imagine that if eventually you have 30+ magazines, etc, up there with many bordering or greater than 100 MB and many eager downloaders come along and want the whole collection then, well, there could be issues…