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It’s been quite a while since I last posted here.  Since that time, I have made all of the “lands” except for the Schoolhouse and Arena available.  The Schoolhouse and Arena client software are not included with the versions of INN that I have, so they can’t be accessed.  The Shadows of Yserbius was the latest addition to the server and it has really brought people pouring in, so to speak.  Since I opened Yserbius, the highest number of users online at once has gone from three to eight and the number of unique visitors to the server has gone from seven to over twenty.

All of the people getting online and sending supportive e-mails have really made the hard work worthwhile.  Although it is an arduous process bringing new features to the server, because of the support coming from the community of former/aspiring INNers, I don’t see the work stopping any time soon.  The next major feature that I am working to bring back is Red Baron.