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An update on the project:

The last time I wrote I was working on getting conferences set up on the server.  I ran into a brick wall there, so I took a step back and looked more closely at the invitation system, and getting some games to work.  Yesterday I finished up implementing the invitation system, and this morning I played the first game of Checkers that has taken place within INN for a long time.

I made a new video of a game invitation and a few moves in Checkers.  It is posted on YouTube along with my other videos, the link is below.  I have a few issues in the server to work out, but I hope that very soon I will be able to open up the server during limited times to let people check it out.  I’m working on a small website with information about how to get everything set up so you can get online in the future.  I’ll post a link when it is a bit more complete.

YouTube Checkers Video