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I’ve been posting information about this project over at for a while now.  Sadly there isn’t much of a readership left over there, and the forum has been mostly taken over by spam-bots.  I stumbled across this site when I was doing some reading about the history of TSN/INN and I thought the readers here would definitely be interested.

The project I am working on is an emulated INN server.  Using the original client software running in DOSBox, the network messages are forwarded via internet protocol to the emulated server that I am creating.  At this point I am able to log myself in to the server, enter a waiting room in the Clubhouse, and chat with the other (virtual) people in the waiting room.

I have been putting videos up on YouTube showing the progress that I am making with the server.  You can check those out here and here.  Currently the people in the waiting room are just emulated for testing of the network messaging protocol, but hopefully soon they will be real.

I’d really like to hear any thoughts or questions about the project.

– Ben