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Very much alive and well.  New issue up this evening (Spring 1991) which is an absolute classic.

Rosie O’Donnell, man mullets, TSN beta testing announcement – all included inside.  So far no one has sued me for putting this stuff up and I’ll keep going until they do.

The website is in a total state of flux.  As you can probably guess I’m not much of a website creator and I’m stumbling through getting the stuff up there while also trying to structure the site so I can anticipate all of what I’m going to be scanning.  Don’t be surprised to find your bookmarks totally invalid if I do some wild, random total restructure overnight.  The root web service is at but the main page is my wife’s blog (for family).  If you end up out there the basic page for the Sierra stuff will always be at:

Andy’s Sierra Page

If you end up in part of the website with lots of pictures of mountains, puppies and open water you have found my wife’s section.  If you leave a comment, be kind.  She has always eyed my obsession with a thirty year old software company that now makes games based on 50 cent to be somewhat suspect.  Only the vague association with Portal has kept her from divorcing me.