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Just as a side note, the copies of Sierra Newsletter Vol 2, Number 1 (Spring 1989) I found out on the internet were missing the poster pullout and had cut outs on a few of the pages.  While I have substituted some acceptable scans I found without scanning my own on that particular issue I scanned my copy and it is up with those pages intact.

I’ve also been putting up the poster pullouts as different downloads (the .jpg files) as separate downloads.  Please forgive the pushpin marks in the corners – I decorated at one point.  I still miss that apartment.

One last final technical note:  For some reason my webserver/page/hosting service seems to have a problem with Firefox from time to time (which is a real shame because it’s the browser I like to use).  If you can’t get the page to load in Firefox try either Opera or IE and you should be ok.  If you are still having problems drop me a line at and I’ll see what I can do for you.