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That’s why I think copyright laws should be changed and why I think abandonware is a good thing rather than a bad thing since if a company isn’t selling or supporting a game, then they’re not making or losing any money over it.  So then a fan is left with no option other than to wait for the company to re-release the games (unlikely) or to make it freeware (extremely unlikely).  And then of course, many games were released on multiple systems with varying differences.  So someone who grew up playing the Amiga version of King’s Quest IV is out of luck since that particular version will never be released again and any attempt to try to acquire it is considered illegal beyond buying it on ebay if you’re lucky enough to find it and for below $80.  And in that case, the company still wouldn’t be making money off that game, only the price-gouging ebayers would be.  I’m already afraid for the many Apple IIe games I grew up playing in school labs that are probably gone forever.