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Yes, Ken is right.  I remember that whenever a major Sierra sequel came out, an upgrade was needed for your computer starting with soundcards, video cards (CGA>EGA>VGA>SVGA), and then memory.  In those days, Sierra drove the industry and now it seems the industry has sort of plateaud.  I’ve had the same computer since 2001 and I’m still able to play today’s games.  It was an age of innovation, everything was new and uncharted.  Perhaps that is why it seems such an important part of many people’s lives.  I assume most were growing up as I was and the computer was extremely new.  It was also new to the people making the games.  We should be lucky to have shared in the magic of the years Sierra On-Line dominated and not bash Ken for leaving.  He has a life to continue living and we should all be honored that he’s created this website for everyone to share their love for the company he and his wife built.  They’ve accomplished much and though I wasn’t able to fulfill my dream of working for Sierra, perhaps a chance will come when another company comes along and follows the Sierra business model.  They founded the company like a family and the fact that the owners who bought the company did not follow the successful model Ken had established is what ruined the company.  I just want to thank you Ken for creating some awesome memories in my youth and giving me the inspiration to become an artist and create.