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Now that I think about it , and have the advantage of a number of years of hindsight, it seemsto me that the lack of regard for that old art is pretty indicativve of what caused the Oakhurst studio to go into decline.

We lost sight of our heritage and our purpose. After senior management moved to Seattle, we had a succession of General Managers who never really understood what was special about that place. We lost our continuity with our past and lost our vision along the way. So no wonder that all that old art ceased to have any meaning to anyone in the place -it was old work from a byegone era. Most of the people working there by the mid 90’s never even played KQ, QFG, LSL, etc. It meant nothing to them. It didn’t help that adventure games went to into decline. But what I feel now was more germain, was that we didn’t know who we were as a studio anymore. We became a studio  defined more by project than as a whole with a grand legacy.

Ken, I was fast to judge you on many an occasion (not to your face of course 🙂 ) But, I have to say, that when you were in Oakhurst, the place had spirit and a sense of mission and identity. Boy, I miss those days sometimes.