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My answers embedded – preceded by ***

-Ken W

Quote:, 2006-04-07 08:02:46

Would be nice to see somewhere here – a spot perhaps entitled ‘Sierra’s Soul’ where folks that started at Online (yeah – that far back) could at least record their names. I was your 10th or llth employee – and actually worked for ya twice (before and after a drug induced psychosis – lol).

*** Of course I remember!

I remember actually feeding the apple computers disk after disk and stuffing them into ZIPLOCK bags for sale. I remember answering the phone from calls all over the world seeking answers to adventure games. I remember working with John Williams in marketing. I remember some of the best and worst times of my life (or so they seemed then). Wish I had been more mature (but I was a graduate of the local high school and so green it hurt). I remember the first words Ken ever said to me (late to the interview – had to get my lip stitched – long story) were ‘Are you always a flake or just lately?’  I suppose that was an ego test (scorpio that Ken is to moi = another scorpio). Guess I passed. Went from disc copying to graphic arts when he let me use the graphic tablet for the Apple. Oh the times I recall. So sad Sierra seems lacking some fundamental creativity or energy or something (witnessed by layoffs, etc.).  

*** It would be interesting to know how Sierra is doing today. I honestly don’t know. I assumed they were dead, but I recently got a newsletter from them, and games are still coming out. Maybe they are doing well. It would be fun to know their revenues (and profits). I’m certainly guilty of being critical of them .. but, perhaps they are bigger than ever. I have no way of knowing.

Ken – y’all had a way to bring out the best in folks once…  As an insider, I always wanted to tell ya, once you started handing over decisions to the stuffed suits – it was the beginning of the end – even way back then.

*** Sierra grew revenues and profits EVERY year except one (1982 I think). We did get more bureaucratic, but all companies do as they get larger.

Where the bleep is John by the way? Did he stay married in Oakhurst? Is he still alive?

*** John did very well (my brother). Married, living in Seattle, with two wonderful little girls. A very happy guy. He works now for an oil company making software for gas pumps.

Read some article where he attended your son’s graduation in Seattle and remembered them knee high to me at your place in Oakhurst (the one with the racquetball court for a basement). Some days seem like yesterday!!!! Even the drug filled ones. I guess a lot of us are lucky to have just made it through the 80’s – lol. I do you wish you a bit of that creative magic for future success. Sorta seems to be missing lately… Terry…

*** No need to wish anything for me. I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame. Now it’s someone elses turn. My primary focus is on boating and golf.

*** Thank you for the comments, and hope you are doing well!