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Well, no one picked up a calendar, but that’s alright… it was a bit late to be selling a calendar for the new year. Alistair sent in some questions on email though, so I figured I’d answer them here in case anyone else was wondering the same thing.

can you send me a PayPal invoice for a KQ6 sketch calendar

I believe that Lulu will give you a printable receipt online as well as including a printed receipt with your calendar. PayPal should also provide you with an online receipt once you purchase the item. I can’t send you a PayPal invoice to purchase a calendar – you must buy it through Lulu’s system by visiting the link in my original post.

can you ship it to Australia

Lulu will ship international, and the shipping cost and delivery options are set by them.

and is it fully coloured inside, or black/white sketches?

The inside is all black and white sketches.

And a fourth. Are you selling any other cool items like this??

We have stuff planned… it takes time and a lot of work to make it happen, but trust me, it is coming. We’ll make sure everyone knows about it when we launch the big stuff.

How you doing, incidentally?

Busy! Always very busy!