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‘Does anyone know when Sierra started shipping games in CD format? ‘

if im not mistaken, wasnt kings quest 5 the first cd game made by sierra? kings quest 4 was not a seperate cd game, and only was released on a cd as part of the different roberta collections.

also, im pretty sure the next cd games were these: space quest 4cd, larry 5cd, and quest for glory 4cd, kings quest 6cd. the order of qfg4 and kq6 could be wrong though. i believe all games after these were cd only releases, except for space quest 5 which sadly never saw a cd release and larry 6 which was possibly the last disk/cd release.

here is the part of the list i know for sure:kings quest 6cd needs the book for the mountain puzzle, kings quest 7 does not need it, space quest 4cd needs it for the timepod codes and plug adapter, space quest 6 needs it for the datacorder and the element table, larry 5 needs it for the plane tickets, larry 6 and 7 do not need theirs, quest for glory 4cd only needs it to get free healing potions from the dr. but it isnt required to finish the game, freddy pharkas needs it to make medicine, torins passage does not need it, its helpful in police quest 4 but not required, and phantasmagoria 1 does not require it.

thats all i know. this is all from memory though, but im very certian its correct. i have no idea about any of the gabriel knight games, phantas2, or any other non ‘quest’ game they released. also i must say, that even if the manuals are not required they are still very cool. some of them are very entertaining. i personally enjoy the quest for glory and space quest ones a lot.