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I have been handed down an old Sierra Boxing Champions game. It is easy to use an old computer and play an old game but it is very hard to move that game from an old computer to a new computer. I have looked into connecting up a new hard drive to my PS/2 but the old thing uses a “scuzy” connection. I played an old “Alf” game on my 486 but lost the game once I started the game.

It seems to me that Sierra went through a rough time with the release of a game where a woman was attached in the game. I don’t remember the name of the game but Roberta had some rough interviews over the game. I had a sample of the game in a group box with the old Kings Quest games, Mother Goose, and others. The big news now is the game NARC that has a player getting high. I remember a geni in Kings Quest VI that would get drunk eating candy.

Kings Quest was a great collection of old fairy tails and could be made into a movie blockbuster. The music score was great with the Sound Blaster sound card. I don’t think the 3D games of today can compare to the games of yesteryear.