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Brandon — I think the version number on Camelot was just them realizing that there wasn’t a need for the extra “.000” at the end.

And I know what you mean about the VGA releases in the original boxes. There was a Leisure Suit Larry on ebay about a week ago (don’t know if it’s still there) that was the original pink box with the big VGA sticker in the corner. Contents of the box showed it was indeed the VGA version, on the colorband disks.

I also collect LP Records, especially Beatles, so all of these label/cover/disk variations fascinate me. I think there’s over 20 different “issues” of the Sgt. Pepper album, the rarest being the original Mono issue with all of the cut-out inserts included. Kind of like the original Space Quest 3 issue with the mask in the box!

I’ve often wondered if it played out like this in the Sierra factory: They have plenty of boxes and documentation, but no disks — copy more disks = new labels/reissue. OR They have plenty of documentation and disks but no boxes. Quick! Make a 3-title VALU-PACK! OR They have disks and boxes but no documentation — reproduce original docs cheeply and outsource tech support = ValuPriced Software!

🙂 Tom.