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Wow. I’m dumb-founded. That’s a mighty big Sierra Collection.

Here’s my favorites… 

King’s Quest 3 is my favorite Sierra game ever, and after spending 4 years in the games industry, my fondest memories of playing games still lead back to Sierra games, especially King’s Quest 3.

Sierra would be the single strongest reason I now work in the computer game industry. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will ever get to work on a game quite like those which I loved so dearly as a kid. I think it’s possible to make a game with the same sorts of values and qualities, but I don’t think the industry/economics encourage that.

I think that truly great computer game DESIGN is not something with a lot of emphasis placed on it today. The emphasis is largely on the graphics and the bullet points you put on the back of the box; making games of licensed content from a film or a TV show.

Good games can come out of this, but I think truly great games are born from the environment/possibilities inherent in the interactive medium… the computer. Inspiration should be drawn from nature, and from all areas of the arts, not based directly on a movie.

It’s always hard to see past the nostalgia, and I know my views are clouded with the bias of my fond memories from childhood, but I can’t help but feel as though computer games could be a lot better than they are today.

– Murray