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“…let’s say roughly 20+/- issues at an average of 80 pages per issue (they got pretty thick by the end)…”
You’re right, they get thicker as they go. There are almost 40 Sierra magazines, including the early newsletters, that will be included.

“…If you wanted to get away with charging $20-$30 I’d say you’d have to throw in something to sweeten the pot. But that’s me….”

“…Personally, I’d willingly pay up to $50 for it! (uh oh, I shoulda kept quiet.)…”
I don’t think we’ll convince you that the full set of InterActions on a DVD is value and special enough, nor will you convince us that it isn’t. So we can agree to disagree and we’ll have to see how things go when it’s done. It doesn’t really make sense to add other things such as Tom was listing to this project. They’ll all be released in their own time in their own way.