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Personally, I’d willingly pay up to $50 for it! (uh oh, I shoulda kept quiet.) Seriously though, if you break it down to a penny per page, let’s say roughly 20+/- issues at an average of 80 pages per issue (they got pretty thick by the end) would be about $16.00 right there. Less than a dollar an issue! And I was low-balling it, too.

If you really want to add an “extra value,” I would make that the “SuperDeluxe Ultra Mega Mega” edition, and include things such as demos, videos, and other multimedia that was sometimes included with the issues. Or even take it a step further, and include scans of all the catalogs that were included with the games. (the 10th anniversary one is the most entertaining and fun to read piece of advertizing I ever came across!) Best part about this is, you can release the first “version” and then work on this at your leisure. (No larry pun intended)

Of course, what you REALLY should do is release a 16-color version of the scans on disk, and include an order form to “upgrade” to the 256-color version on CD. 😉