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“… (by Chris Schweiter)
My whole point is that I think it would be a good idea if you could throw something in there that adds value to the purchase…Something no one’s ever seen before that could provide more incentive for someone to buy it. You may have gathered from the tone of my earlier posts that I’m not really that hot on buying the magazines by themselves…But throw in something cool and you’d probably have a sale….”

Chris, there is no need to add extra value to this IMO. Just the ability to have the complete set of Interaction magazines on DVD would be priceless to many die-hard Sierra fans. I personally, only have 1 InterAction magazine, and would love to be able to read through them all. I have tried downloading pdf’s of them from the net, but generally they have been poor quality, large in size and in-complete. The ability to have copies of every magazine in itself is something that most on this board would never have seen before.

I am sure that many other Sierra fans would feel similiar about this project.