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“… (by Brandon Klassen) SierraGamers has 4750 registered users at this time. Never mind all the adventure fans we can reach through various other adventure websites and message boards who may not be registered here. …”

My personal experience is that about one in 10,000-15,000 unregistered users will end up buying something if the price is right. Once you take the step to registered users, I would suspect things improve significantly.

It’s kind of like… out of someone who pirated Photoshop, and someone who purchased it… who is more likely to buy a Photoshop help book? You could say both are as likely, but the truth is the registered one has more invested and therefore more to gain (or less to lose) by taking the extra step and making an additional purchase. Not that I’m equating unregistered users to pirates: the point is that there is a difference between committed and uncommitted people. 🙂