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Thanks Chris.

“Since you pretty much run the project…”

Actually Ken and Brad are in charge of this one, but I’m acting as their spokesperson since both of them are very busy.

“It’d be cool if they could write memoirs about the early days…”

“good idea if you could throw something in there that adds value to the purchase…Something no one’s ever seen before that could provide more incentive for someone to buy it.”

Actually we are communicating with former employees about their memories from the early days – but it’s for another project. We have a number of cool projects down the line, but we don’t want to keep fans waiting to wrap them up all together to make it a great-value purchase. We want to put out each one as it’s ready.

Personally, I think that a complete set of InterActions on DVD is going to be value enough and incentive for many to buy it. Very few Sierra fans have a complete set of magazines (I don’t) and they’re rarely seen on eBay. Many of these magazines ARE going to be something that very few people have seen before… or haven’t seen for a long time. It’s true that this website doesn’t see a lot of active discussion. On the other hand, I think that such a product as-is will sell in sufficient quantities as long as we get the word out to lots of different websites.