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This has more than likely been posted quite a few times, but I just wanted to thank everyone at Sierra for their great efforts in making the best games I have ever played in my life. No games now compare or probably will never compare to what Sierra members made. It is amazing how a game can have an influence on life, and Sierra games are the only ones I care about. Every game that you guys made had that magical/extroardinary feeling to it. Every series made was remarkable from King’s Quest to Space Quest from Quest for Glory to Police Quest and so on… Two of the greatest games were King’s Quest IV and Quest for Glory IV. King’s Quest IV to me is the best work sierra has ever done. The entire game is perfect, same as QFGIV.
It is sad to know now that Sierra is gone except for us fans, and Sierra employees making sites for us fans to talk about them on. I have played Sierra games since 1988 when I was two years old and still play them today. My parents had a Tandy 1000 computer and my dad tought me how to load the games. I wish they could make a comeback, but maybe we fans can possibly make a difference. Who knows maybe their is a chance in the future? Anyways, thank you Ken, Roberta, and entire Sierra staff for making great games that I enjoyed, and still enjoy!