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Dang it! I wish I would have been more resposible about my collection of mags and other Sierra stuff. When I first moved into my house I had everything in carboard boxes and sitting in basement directly under my powder room. We had a pipe burst within the first 6 mos (Yes I was still unpacking stuff) and all my magazines from way back to the Sierra Newsletter days were ruined. The insurance agent couldn’t believe that I wanted to claim each magazine as a collectors item. He only gave me cover price for each one 🙁 Anyhow, I’m sure I had at least a few of the missing mags along with other stuff like letters from the staff, t-shirts, posters and other promotional stuff.

Needless to say I’m excited about this project and personally any of the resolutions would do fine for me. I just want to be able to read them. Not print them or anything else. So the smaller size the better. This way I can read them on my laptop.

Have you been working on the CD jewel case art? I was just thinking how kewl it would be to print each CD with a different Sierra emblem as they had quite a few over the years.

Good luck and I’m anxious to see the results. Please feel free to ask for help if needed.

Adam Taylor