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(re: Amon Ra Product Shot Test) Hi, Emily. I looked in the box and I found three manuals…three manuals!?!? haha ok ok I know some of them probably got mixed up with other games I have but just in case, I have the cover posted below of each one that was in the box.

Which one were you referring to? The purple one is the only one that has info about LB2. The others are how to use the mouse, which icons do what, etc.

About the copyright laws, I’m not too crazy about scanning the whole manual and posting it here. Perhaps, Emily, we could ‘discuss’ this through email? It’s jleiby (at) go (dot) com. Sorry for the wierd spelling, I don’t any harvesters getting my email!

If you need help getting past anything in the game, I’ll help you (if that’s why you’d like scans of the manual)

p.s. Thanks, Brandon, for the copyright info. 🙂
leyendecker cover
second cover
third cover