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You can call me BEAR or user name HerrBearen… as that’s what I’m known by all over Aventure Forums. GH3x2 and 1 is still sealed. MOE, KQ/LECollection, GK1/2 LE in English and German are all opened and played. But, As with all my games, the boxes and CD’s are in the best of condition, have their respective books and maps… and anything else that was included with the game. These are part of my private collection, bought new, starting in 1998. I have also kept an archive of game pix and screenshots from 1999 until now. I still have the last InterActive magazine that Sierra sent out.. the only one I ever received, after registering Gabriel Knight 2. Just for this archive that you are trying to build, here is an eBay capture from 3-4 years ago, of GK1. The owner of this received a winning bid of 300.00+ for this set. (I was not the owner)
Gabriel Knight 1 Original Box