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(re: Amon Ra Product Shot Test) Thanks for the comments guys. Keep ’em coming. If the basics are good, start telling me the not-so-basics. I updated the image with a bit of a caption. If it’s in your cache, you have to refresh the page.

Robert, do you mean you have sealed boxes of those items, or just the opened boxes? I assume you’re talking about open boxes. I have a decent collection of good-condition open boxes, and now I’m trying to acquire all the sealed items that I can, and multiple copies – one copy for display as a sealed museum piece, another copy that I can take apart for archival purposes, and a third copy as a play copy. Of course, some games have multiple versions which I’m trying to acquire too. By now, I’ve run out of eBay funds though. Still, I have a good number of items. Hopefully part of the musem will be another aid to collectors who are just starting out (I wouldn’t want to or be able to do better than the already exhaustive