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(re: re: re: re: Kinko’s scanning) I should be back in Seattle on Oct 22nd, and will look then to see what I have.
On the budget side: I’ll kick in up to $2,000 on the project – which doesn’t need repaid. Do we have someone who is interested in “marketing” the CDs at a reasonable cost – so that the rest of us can count on being able to obtain them?. I don’t think we’ll sell a lot of them – but it wouldn’t surprise me if we move a few hundred over the next year or two.
-Ken W
Perfect. Let me call Kinko’s and try to renegotiate with them and/or Robert, and work on posting a budget that would outline how that $2,000 would be spent, and get back with you.
As far as marketing them – I have always been interested in doing that – not for profit, but in the fact that I have a keen interest in the products (not to mention a history) and that I know that I can deliver a quality product to the public. I am working on a Sierra archive/distribution site as we speak, both the distribute the end product, gather people to help, and finding people to donate/lend materials to be archived, should be done in the next week or so. So I will have the perfect place to showcase them.
Also, Ken, while you are looking through those boxes, do you think you might be able to start rounding up all those videos you remember having? I am still itching to get a DVD Video collection up and going, moving forward on these projects has really got my gears turning. Just let me know. Thanks