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(re: re: Kinko’s scanning) Petter :
Thanks for all the info on the mad magazine archive. That sounds like quite and impressive project. I have been researching Adobe Capture. Basically it is OCR (optical character recognition) software that works with a PDF file, to basically “hide” the recognized text being the image scan, so that although it looks like a perfectly scanned image, and the formatting has been preserved, it is fully searchable by word. I am really leaning toward this route I think.
Back on to the main subject. It seems from what I hear yourself, Ken, and others talk about is the concern for how much room this collection is going to take up for the final product to the average end user. While this is a very valid subject, and will need to be determined at some point, I think the real issue at hand is how these magazines are :
1) Going to be rounded up (we are still missing a some)
2) Scanned (by who(m) and if by how a company how much, and whos paying)
3) If someone is going to pay, what is our budget?
As it stands right now I think Ken is our best source for the missing ones, but sounds like things are kinda packed up from a move, and needs some sorting through. As far as who is going to scan them – I think we have 2 or 3 people willing to help – we just need to set a standard, do some test, and have at it. If we are going to send it out to be done 3rd party, we need to find out who our investors are (at this point just Ken) and find out what we are willing to spend. From Ken’s earlier Email it looks like he was willing to pay around $1-2 a scan for 1200 pages.. so that give me an idea of around $1500-2000 to work with.
Basically there is nothing stopping me from starting to scan them right now, I guess I am just waiting for Ken to say yea or nea on the budget for an external company. Ken when did you think you would be back home again?