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(re: re: re: re: re: re: Kinko’s scanning) I am attaching an Image that is 8.5×11 inches with a pixel count of 2550×3300 if you decided to print it at 300dpi, the resulting image will be 8.5x11in. This file is JPEG at roughly 25% compression… if 0 is the worst and 100% is the best quality scale.
As far as magazine count.. I personally own 35 different magazines. Between a few other people there 5 others that I know exist, bringing it to 40, and if you follow the Qtr/Volume numbers, I am pretty sure there are 8-10 others. (Depending on what happend during some transition periods of magazine name change). So by my count I am positive there at 40, with most likely 48-50.
I am sure we can negotiate with anyone that we get to do the job. We just have to be willing to move forward with it – as far as making the project too complex, I am with you to a certain point. This project no matter how you structure it is going to be complex – fact of the matter is, you are going to have to hand-place each page on a scanner – that is the time killer right there, the dpi you use, the medium that you put it on, percentage wise will be very small compared to the acutal “laying the magazine on the glass”.
60% of the time will be spent laying the picture down and scanning.
20% of the time will be spent correcting the pages
10% of the time will be spent saving and converting (PDF)
10% of the time will be spent archiving to some medium
That being said, if we save them as 300dpi TIFF files, or 100×400 low-res JPG’s the bulk of the time is the same regardless (scanning). So as I have learned in projects in the past – do it right the first time, put forth the extra effort to get what you want. No sense in completing the project, and then a year later wishing you had done it differently. Plan for the lowest common denominator, and go from there. Just my .02 cents worth. It’s gonna be hard but well worth it I believe.
Ken, Question : If I give you a list of the missing magazines (about 10 of them) can you search through your collection, you are our best source right now, or possibly have a contact (like Al Lowe) that might have the others? Thanks.

50k JPG of Winter 1988 Sierra Mag
Same pic, but at 2.7 MEGABYTES!